“NEW ROUND UP” books are going to help you to boost your grammar skills. Most of IELTS learners are using these books because they contain the most crucial grammar tips that can be beneficial in the exam. There are 3 books, “NEW ROUND UP Starter, 1 and 2. We want to introduce more about them.


ESSENTIAL BOOKS FOR WRITING TASK 2 – useful to improve your writing skills

VOCABULARY FOR IELTS ADVANCED – helps you to get more advanced vocabulary

SPEAKING TOPICS IN THE EXAM – common speaking topics that can be asked you

In the starter book there will be some skills that should be introduced to you. With the help of them, you can build new sentances correctly in English such as the demonstrative pronouns or some basic knowledge about Present Simple and Present Continuous. In order to download “NEW ROUND UP Starter”, press the botton “DOWNLOAD”

The first book contains almost the same themes as the starter but this time they are more complicated. In addition, in this book you learn how to differenciate countable nouns and uncountable nouns. In order to download “NEW ROUND UP 1”, press the botton “DOWNLOAD”

Learning the most crucial knowledge begins in the second book. Why? Because the themes are very different from the first book. So take it, and range your grammar. In order to download “NEW ROUND UP 2”, press the botton “DOWNLOAD”

In conclusion, these books can be the only way to be “grammar master” and take higher score in the exam. I myself learn lots of grammar tips from these books. Besides, the books can help you to improve your speaking skills as wel. So, guys be carefull and take these books and become well-skilled candidate in the exam


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