The most important things you can think about improving IELTS reading are:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Grammar
  3. Structure
  4. Idea development

Again, don’t do all four at once; start with the one you need the most help with.

This will really help you with your writing. Normally, the more someone reads, the better they are at writing.


TIPS AND TOPICS FOR WRITING TASK 2 – practise your Writing skills

VOCABULARY FOR IELTS ADVANCED – usefull for your vocabulary

NEW ROUND UP BOOKS FOR GRAMMAR – improve your grammar


When reading or listening you should do the following things:

  1. Underline or note any new words or phrases.
  2. Read or listen to that section again and try to guess what that word/phrase means.
  3. Check meaning in dictionary. Don’t skip step 2!
  4. Write new word/phrase in a special vocabulary note book.
  5. Add meaning, pronunciation, collocations, example sentences, synonyms etc. to help you remember the word/phrase.
  6. Review regularly.


When reading or listening you should do the following:

  1. Underline or note any sentences you do not fully understand.
  2. Think about why the writer used that grammar structure.
  3. Identify the grammar structure.
  4. Check structure in book or on website.
  5. Try to use this structure when speaking or in your writing.
  6. Review regularly.


  1. Pick 1 or 2 sentences that have some interesting pronunciation features in them.
  2. Listen to them a few times.
  3. Write down the sentence and mark any features, such as:
    1. Intonation (mark this with arrows up or down)
    2. Linking words (mark this with linking from one word to another)
    3. Weak sounds (use a different colour for these)
    4. Stress (Underline the stressed syllables)
  4. Try to copy the features above by mimicking what the speaker said.


  1. Underline or note down any discourse markers (such as Firstly, however, although, for example etc.)
  2. Note the function of the sentences and how the speaker/writer used these words to structure what they say/write.
  3. Try using these words yourself to structure your writing/speaking.

Idea Development

  1. Underline topic sentences.
  2. Note how the writer develops this main idea with explanations and examples.
  3. Use the same/similar technique when practicing Task 2 essays.

We always try to give the most useful sources to get more and more successful candidate. Now, take this advice and improve your IELTS Reading.


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